FAQ your questions answered

What are ShakyGlobes?

The first eCollectibles offered in ShakyPlanet are ShakyGlobes. ShakyGlobes are glass globes with beautiful, highly detailed scenes inside. The graphics have all been created by professional digital artists and game designers. Like a traditional snow-globe, when you shake a ShakyGlobe, floaters spin around as if they’re in real water. And the floaters aren’t just plain looking flakes... the floaters are unique, amusing objects that are relevant to each scene. For example, the floaters in the San Francisco ShakyGlobe are crabs, cable cars and baseballs, and the floaters in the Carnival ShakyGlobe are Red and Blue balloons and Cotton candy.

ShakyGlobes come in a variety of flavors:

  • Travel Souvenirs: each with a different city from around the world
  • Speed Racer: Collect all of your favorite Speed Racer characters
  • Tikis: Featuring the art of Doug Horne, the world-famous tiki artist. Collect all of Doug’s whimsical and wacky ShakyGlobes.
  • Monkey Doodle Dandy: Offering three adorable series of characters from Monkey Doodle Dandy – Girl Monsters, Squaredy Cats, and Squarey Monsters.
  • Multiple Other Collectible Themes: ShakyGlobes come in a huge variety of collectible themes, including sports, pets, holidays, space & robots, ocean life, and dinosaurs, and we will be adding many more!

What’s coming next?

If you think these ShakyGlobes are cool, just wait because there are tons of characters, brands, and themes coming soon in ShakyPlanet. Also coming very soon are ShakyHeads, digital bobble-heads portraying your favorite characters.

This is just the beginning of the world of ShakyPlanet eCollectibles, so get in on the fun early and collect them all!

What makes eCollectibles collectible?

eCollectibles are a new way to collect the things and stuff you have already been collecting in the “real-world”. What makes eCollectibles collectible is that, like “real-world” collectibles some will become hard to get because they are scarce. Not every eCollectible will be hard to get, but even the easy ones will get retired at some point. Another thing that makes eCollectibles collectible is that you own them, just like “real world” collectibles. The most important thing is that the eCollectibles need to be things and stuff you love to have and want to be able to see anytime, anywhere, right on your own iPhone.

Why do I need to register with ShakyPlanet?

First of all, everything you collect on ShakyPlanet belongs to you. But, we need a way to know who you are, so if you lose your iPhone, we can get your full collection back to you. Each eCollectible you buy has a serial number and we know it belongs to you. Also, in the future if we offer the ability to sell and trade your eCollectibles, you will need your eCollectibles authenticated to ensure their value.

I lost my iPhone, how do I get my eCollectibles back?

If you lose your iPhone you will NOT lose your eCollectibles. Just like Apple keeps track of everything you buy on iTunes, we keep track of everything you collect on ShakyPlanet. This is another, and MOST IMPORTANT reason we need you to register with us. Follow these instructions to get your collection back:

  1. Synch your new iPhone with iTunes. This will reinstall ShakyPlanet on your phone.
  2. Open ShakyPlanet
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Login to ShakyPlanet
  5. Click the “Restore Purchases” button
  6. Click “Done”
  7. All of your eCollectibles should reappear in “My Collection”

If you are still missing any of your eCollectibles, go to “Support” on the ShakyPlanet website and let us know you’re having a problem. Include your login name, so we can know who you are and so we can validate your collection.

How do I get my eCollectibles back if I lose them?

Following these instructions will restore your entire collection:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Login to ShakyPlanet
  3. Click the “Restore Purchases” button
  4. Click “Done”
  5. All of your eCollectibles should reappear in “My Collection”

If you are still missing any of your eCollectibles, go to “Support” on the ShakyPlanet website and let us know you’re having a problem. Include your login name, so we can know who you are and so we can validate your collection.

I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, go to the “Forgot your Password?” link on the bottom of the ShakyPlanet home page. Enter your email address and click “Restore your Password”. Your new password will be sent to your email. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change your password on your own after you lost it, you’ll need to use the one we send you. SO WRITE IT DOWN somewhere safe and secure from prying eyes!

Does this work on iPod Touch and iPad?


Why can’t I get a city ShakyGlobe?

City ShakyGlobes are collectible because you have to be in the city to get that city ShakyGlobe. For example, if you want the Paris ShakyGlobe, you’ll need to be in Paris. All the city ShakyGlobes require that you’re in that city to collect it.

I want a retired ShakyGlobe, how do I get it?

Sorry, you missed it. All we can say is get them while you can. That’s what makes eCollectibles collectible. In the future you may be able to trade or sell your eCollectibles, so you might have a chance to get it from someone else in the future!

How do I share my ShakyGlobes?

You can share the full experience of your ShakyGlobes with people by showing them on your iPhone. Your collection lives in your iPhone. You can email a picture of a ShakyGlobe to your friends and family by choosing the Brag button in the Details view for the ShakyGlobe. And, soon you will be able to post a picture of your ShakyGlobe to your Facebook page.